Our Products

Special Purpose Machines(SPM)

With our in-house design and manufacturing facility, SERLEX INDIA work closely with our customers to assess and understand the needs and expectations of each project, offering a complete solution to efficient and cost effective production processes.

Examples of special purpose machines supplied to our valued customers:
✓ Automated Production Line
✓ Assembly & Testing
✓ Robotic Handling
✓ Robotic Clipping
✓ Rotary Indexing Table
✓ Laser Integration (Welding, Laser Marking, Laser Cutting)
✓ Leak Testing
✓ Flash Testing
✓ Poka Yoke Systems
✓ Control Systems
✓ Pick & Place
✓ Manual Workstations
✓ Automated Parts Handling & Orientating
✓ Vision Inspection & Quality Control
✓ Packaging & Processing
✓ Welding & Cutting


SERLEX INDIA is a leading conveyor system manufacturer and offer a variety of efficient conveying equipment for materials handling to suit a multitude of industries. With our experience and innovative solutions, we have succeeded in providing quality conveyor systems to improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

Robust and engineered to stand the test of time, we aim to provide warehouse conveyor systems that make the movement of products and materials easier and more efficient. Our range of equipment for carton conveyor systems includes belt conveyors, powered and gravity roller conveyor systems, 90 degree transfers and diverters. Our expert team will be happy to guide you on the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Jigs and Fixtures

We can design and manufacture a wide range of jigs and fixtures to suit your needs.

Jigs and fixtures are manufacturing tools that are used to produce identical and interchangeable components. These workholding and tool guiding devices are designed for use in the machining and assembly of parts.

Advantages of Jigs and Fixtures
In manufacturing operations, it's important to meet the higher demands of customers. This means producing quality products as fast and efficiently as possible. Jigs and fixtures help make manufacturing processes more efficient and precise. By utilizing jigs and fixtures in machining processes, manufacturers benefit from:
✓ increased production
✓ decreased manufacturing costs
✓ improved product consistency
✓ improved assembly line safety
✓ reduction in non-productive hours
✓ reasonable automation capabilities
✓ interchangeability and accuracy

Trolleys, tables, bins

Equipped with wheels, trolleys can be used to transport the garbage easily. They are perfect for uneven roads and landscapes— trolley bins suppliers can provide them for pick up and transfer of refuse containers from individual spots to pickup trucks and from there to facilities for waste segregation.

Many work tasks require tools and components to be easily transported to different areas within the workshop. To meet these requirements, SERLEX INDIA has arange of Tool-Store trolley and Tool Hanging Trolley to suit many applications. All SERLEX INDIA Tool trolley are mounted onto a high quality, rubber tyred, castor set, and are designed with built in safety features.

Heavy duty castors with two foot brakes
✓ Side or front mounted handle for safe, controlled movement
✓ Ergonomic reach-through handle makes low drawers easier to open without stretching
✓ Labelling strips with easy-open transparent cover.
✓ High strength drawer pan accepts a wide range of dividers, adjustable on a 25mm pitch grid
✓ Wide range of drawer dividing accessories available
✓ 100kg UDL 85% extension drawer guides
✓ High quality locking system

Fabricated Items


The automation industry is rapidly moving as more and more structures find their existence each day. In fact this rise has given the boost to the steel and metal fabrication industry. There are a number of industries that use fabricated structures.

Undoubtedly, the fabricated structures save time and money because the products can be fabricated to the exact specification quite quickly and easily. If you are on the hunt for the best cast aluminium fabrication Dubai, then choose our service and we would love to give you the right and desired fabricated service.

Automation panels


VFD control panel uses to control the speed of an electric motor. Without a VFD, it is difficult to control the speed of an electric motor. Because they tend to run at one constant speed. You can change speeds by adjusting frequency. This allows you to have more precise control over how fast or slow your machine runs. Which is beneficial in many industries.

If you’re looking for a new drive system for your application, contact us today! We have years of experience in designing electrical control panels. It includes the most complex motor control station with an advanced SCADA system. Our team will work with you every step of the way.

LT panels

The Serlex India is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of a wide range of Electrical and Instrument Control Panels, which is widely used across different industries for a variety of applications.

Our range of automatic electrical control panel products are known for its reliable approach, efficiency, & excellence and thus, are utilized by industries such as Chemical, Textile, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Heavy Metal, Food Processing, and Water Treatment, Shopping Malls & Plaza, Refineries, Oil Mills, Iron & Steel, Pump Houses, and Sewage Plants.

We endlessly endeavor to offer superior quality electrical control systems and automation products and services to ensure maximum client satisfaction.