Serlex India is a leading Steel Fabrication Services provided in India. We work with companies across a variety of industries to produce high-quality custom metal products and to keep your development cycle on track.

We offer a complete range of sheet metal fabrication capabilities, including:
✓ Fabrication
✓ Welding
✓ Folding or bending
✓ Stainless steel fabrication

Delivering a custom metal part in a particular wanted shape requires specific creation hardware. We utilize an assortment of apparatuses for metal creation, for example, a CNC machine, laser cutting machine, or water-flying machine. At Serlex India , we have the materials, hardware, and experience to deal with any custom metal creation venture.

Advantages of Our Metal Fabrication Process:
✓ In-depth product analysis
✓ Increased product performance
✓ Shorter product development cycles
✓ Wide range of capabilities
✓ Decreased manufacturing costs
✓ Compliance with industry standards

"We offer full-assistance metal creation administrations, working with you from item exploration to assembling. Our specialists work near help each progression of the cycle. Permit us to investigate and survey your plans to accomplish expanded quality and lower costs."

Working with a group of homegrown and worldwide accomplices, our devoted staff can address any assembling difficulties. We have production network tasks in significant locales around the globe alongside the most recent creation gear and information. You can rely upon Serlex India for all your mechanical segment parts and gatherings.

Our abilities likewise cover all kinds of utilizations and assembling requires. You can depend on us for short-run or high-volume creation and assembling. We likewise give elite exactness items and quality affirmation.

With years of experience and innovative thinking; our engineering, drafting and fabrication teams welcome the opportunity to provide effective solutions for all of your unusual and intricate fabricating requirements.

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